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Founded in May 1989,China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE), is the leading and most influential national trade association in China with a mission to promote the international trade and cooperation in medicinal and health products. CCCMHPIEdirectly under the Ministry of Commerce of China, has a diverse membership of more than 2,400 companies including most of the major manufacturers and trading companies of pharmaceutical and health products across China. The fields that CCCMHPIE covers range from Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), pharmaceuticals, preparations, medical devices and equipment, dressings, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, functional cosmetics to health products. 

CCCMHPIE is able to help international business people to build, sustain and grow their business in China. Through its vast network of membership and extensive coverage of geographic areas in the country, it can assist individual foreign companies to export successfully, establish business locally and source products in China.

CCCMHPIE is very active in formulating and implementing government policies, governing import and export of medicines and health products. It represents the concerns of business to all levels of government as the voice of the industry. It lobbies government on trade issues via a number of channels including face to face meetings with governmental departments, participation in government task force and special committees, and conducting original research critical to the development of the industry. On behalf of the industry, CCCMHPIE also participates in bilateral and multilateral talks between the Chinese and foreign governments on medicinal products.

CCCMHPIE is entrusted by the government to perform a broad spectrum of functions. It organizes the tendering of export quotas for medicinal and health products, and implements government programs to assist the small and medium-sized companies in their efforts to break into international markets as well as the government strategy to develop medicinal products export bases. In addition, CCCMHPIE acts as the organizer of the Medicinal and Health Products Hall at the Guangzhou Chinese Commodity Import and Export Fair, the second largest fair in the world. Moreover, it formulates trade development strategy for the industry.

Over the years, CCCMHPIE has built up platforms for Chinese and foreign companies to get acquainted and do business well.



Trade coordinator

Recent years have witnessed CCCMHPIE play a leading role in trade coordination among other things, it formulates quality standards for export products. A large number of standards, sponsored by CCCMHPIE, such as “Green Trade Standards of Imported & Exported Medicinal Plants & Preparation”, have been adopted by the government and have won widespread international recognition.

Additionally, CCCMHPIE is a leader in providing prompt and effective guidance to the Chinese companies facing anti-dumping and countervailing measures. In the past few years, Chinese medicinal products have been a major target for anti-dumping allegations. As the trade organization in China, CCMHPIE has successfully assisted its members in defending their legitimate interests in many a trade dispute.

To promote fair trade, CCCMHPIE plays an active role in promoting the commercial credibility among its members. It also recommends exemplary companies and their products to overseas buyers. A system of company credibility evaluation has been developed to help creat a credible environment for doing international business.


International cooperation

CCCMHPIE takes the lead in expanding the trade in medicinal and health products between China and the other countries. By establishing and maintaining close relationships with overseas drug administrations, CCCMHPIE has developed active and effective dialogue and cooperation with foreign governments with frequent exchanges of visits and information. This has greatly facilitated the trade between China and other countries. It has also formed strategic alliances with trade association in other lands, such as in Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Greece. Areas of cooperation include with its overseas counterparts the exchange of information on regulatory regime of medicinal and health products as well as market trends, hosting of visits of the signatory and its members, identification of sources of supply or sales agents, and matching of business.




Best guide for international businessmen

In the last five years, China’s market for medicines and health products has been experiencing a double digit growth, making China one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Pharmaceutical trade alone in 2007 was valued at US$24.6 billion, and is expected to surpass US$ 50 billion by 2010. As the market expands, more and more overseas companies have come to realize the critical importance of China to the success of their business.

In December, 2006, Ministry of Commerce of China, in association with relevant departments, established China Technological Service Center for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products. China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health ProductsCCCMHPIE was appointed to be in charge of the Center.

The mandate of the Center covers: technical guidance for health-care industry, policy advisory of medicines and health products overseas registration, outbound investment, overseas listing consultation, training as well as other technical support and solutions. Major target customers are Chinese enterprises in the industry of medicines and health products, particularly involve in international trade and investment, foreign cooperation and aid etc.

To meet the demand of the enterprises, the Center has started fulfilling its responsibilities immediately once it came into operation, including: organizes training courses and educational seminars, helps the enterprises go though the foreign registration process for medicines and health products and secure market authorization license, provides market analysis, technical solution plans and the corporate scheme for strategy development. To promote development of the health-care industry, the Center has also carried out series of activities including: lifts the domestic technology and standardization level; speed up the localization of the international standard and achieves the mutual recognition between China and other countries.

The Center leverages many resources to collect relevant registration and authorization information of medicines and health products overseas such as U.S., E.U., Russia, Japan, Korea, Canada, Singapore etc. The Center tracks the latest on foreign and regional safety and quality standards, collects the relevant technical information. To better the technical services, the Center has built long-term cooperation with a number of world renowned organizations with agreements and memoranda.

With the fast development of Chinese medical enterprises, the international market for China-made medicines and health products has expanded exponentially. China Technological Service Center for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products will, as it has done, keep pace with the times, by continuously renewing the information and knowledge, extending technical service area, and seeking more partners, with a view to providing first-rate services for the Chinese enterprises in the future.



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