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China’s Medicine Trade Grew to Another Record in 2014

2015-02-04   Author:信息部   Document Source:cccmhpie

  In 2014, global economy was still on its way to a weakly recovery. The US economy continued to recover, the growth of Europe was close to zero, and developing countries’ growth was also slowly. The demands of international medicine markets, especially demands for the patent medicine, were continuing to rise. Meanwhile, domestic pharmaceutical industry was still in a critical transforming period, in which the existing comparative advantages were losing and new impetus promoting trade growth had yet to show. Data showed that in 2014, the imports and exports of China’s medicine & health products totaled 98 billion, up 9.26% year on year. And the exports were 55 billion, increased by 7.38% while the imports were 43 billion, increased by 11.77%. The foreign trade surplus was 11.9 billion, decreased by about 6%. China’s medicine trade had entered into a growth phase at low and medium speeds.

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