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Sino-Russia Pharmaceutical Leading Powers Holds Meetings during CPhI China

2015-07-03   Author:信息部   Document Source:CCCMHPIE

        On June 24, the Russian pharmaceutical delegation, composed of over 50 representatives from more than20 companies and led by Mr. Sergey Tsys, the deputy director of the Ministry of Industrial and Trade of Russia, attended the 2015 CPhI China for the first time. During the exhibition, they also took part in its relevant activities, and conducted a dialogue about pharmaceutical industry.

        In the afternoon , Mr. Sergey Tsyb had a discussion with Ms. Meng Dongping, the vice president of CCCMHPIE, on how to strengthen the cooperation on pharmaceutical industry of two sides. Mr. Tsyb thought highly of the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, meanwhile, he gave his explanation about how Russia would advance the progress of its local pharmaceutical industry. He hoped that China and Russia could complement each other’s advantage, strengthen the cooperation in technology, investment, and other respects, and realize the transfer from existing stable Sino-Russia pharmaceutical trade to a higher level cooperation on industry. Ms. Meng Dongping pointed out that the further consolidation of Sino-Russia relations offered a great momentum for the cooperation on various areas of both sides. The pharmaceutical industry should be the focus of Sino-Russia industrial sector, CCCMHPIE would act as the industrial organizer, and conduct multi-tier communication and cooperation with Russia under the direction of relevant governmental departments of China

        After the discussion, Ms. Meng Dongping accompanied Mr. Tsyb to visit exhibitors, including Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd, Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hebei Changshan Biochem Co., Ltd and Hubei Yichang Renfu Pharma.Co., Ltd, and they talked about the developing situation and key products, such as high-end API, blood products, heparin sodium, and anesthetic products of the company. Mr. Tsyb highly praised the development of Chinese enterprises, meanwhile, he also gave his sincere suggestions for them. He said that he would like to offer due assistance for Chinese companies entering Russian market, and hoped to see both sides strengthen the cooperation and made great contribution to the pharmaceutical localization of Russia.

        On the morning of June 25, Mr. Sergy Tsyb had a meeting with Mr. Wu Haidong, the deputy director of the Department of Consumer Product Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization, and Ms. Meng Dongping, the vice president of CCCMHPIE. Other participants included the representatives of state government of Russia, pharmaceutical association and Russian companies as well as Chinese companies like Hisun, Tongrentang, Hengrui, Yuanda Shuyang, etc.Mr. Sergy Tsyb said that the companies participating the CPhI China this time are all leading pharmaceutical companies of Russia. Russia has laid out a scheme for the development of pharmaceutical industry from 2011 to 2020, with a target of half of medical supply are self-produced by the year of 2020. China is the largest supplier of API in the world, and he holed both sides can push forward the cooperation in pharmaceutical sector. Over the past 5 years, the total investment volume on Russian pharmaceutical industry has exceeded 30 billion euros, and more importance has been attached to the quality of the drugs. In 2004, Russia passed the GMP inspection system, besides, other quality management systems are also under the construction. Russia welcomed Chinese companies to visit the Russian exhibition and know more about the developing trend of Russian pharmaceutical industry.

        Mr. Wu Haidong showed warm welcome to the Russian delegation. He thought highly of the scheme of the development of Russian local pharmaceutical industry. He said China’s pharmaceutical industry has made substantial achievements during these three decades. The first decade has witnessed the solution of medicine shortage, and then China became a large pharmaceutical country in the following decades. Now, China is devoted to the transformation from a large pharmaceutical country to a powerful nation, and we intened to include Sino-Russia pharmaceutical cooperation in the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy.

        Mr. Wang Xuegong, the head of Pharmaceutical Division of the Department of Consumer Product Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization, said that China became the second largest pharmaceutical market with a revuene of 2.5 trillion yuan in 2014, only behind the US. This strong momentum relies on two positive elements, one is the large-sized market, the other is the attention of central government. China has the strong capacity to produce API, and currently is preparing to advance the transformation and upgrading of the export structure. China and Russia should strengthen the cooperation on the complementary sectors in pharmaceutical industry.

        Ms. Meng Dongping, the vice president of CCCMHPIE, briefly introduced the status of globalization of China’s pharmaceutical industry. Now, Chinese pharmaceutical products have been exported to more than 170 countries and regions, and move forwad to the high-added value sector. There are a group of outstanding pharmaceutical companies in China, and she hoped both sides could strengthen the cooperation on industrial level. Meanwhile, Ms. Meng mentioned some difficulties Chinese pharmaceutical products meet during the register of export to Russia. Mr. Tsyb said he would like to solve these problems based on a bilateral cooperation.


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Deputy director Tsyb has talks with Mr. Bai Hua, the president of Hisun Pharma.

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