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Healthplex becomes the bellwether in health industry

2013-04-27   Author:展览部   Document Source:CCCMHPIE

Exhibition is the hub of industry information and often it can become the bellwether of an industry. With many leading players showed their latest innovations and products on Healthplex 2013, Healthplex becomes the most important trade events of its kind in China.
Nowadays, health industry in China embodies the combination of traditional Chinese health concept and modern technical. Chinese health market forms by three parts: products based on traditional Chinese medicine concept and use medical botanic as raw material; supplements based on nutritional concept and sources with nutrients; products based on biological science and produced through biotransformation. All these kinds have been presented on Healthplex Expo.
On the booth of Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory (Stand No.;E15), a product called “JingLiang” ,which is chewable tablet of xanthophyll, is the center of attention.
Next to it, on the booth of NEPG (Stand No.D15), nutritional products like American Ginsen,powder of probiotics and chewable tablets of VC were displayed. “Health and nutrition market is now on the most important position in company’s strategy.” Mr. Wang, customer manager of NEPG said. “Two years ago, a new branch company—JianYi was built to explore this market.”
Sichuan Neautus Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (Stand No.:D050, whose major product is Chinese medicine decoction pieces, is also heading toward integrated health market. They launched the new product of “GanHuangCao”, which has the medical virtues of protecting liver. “Neautus has steered to nutritional and functional products that related to our traditional major business, this product has got a fairly good sales volume in Sichuan and Guangdong.” Mr. Jiang, marketing manager of Neautus, said.
Overseas exhibitors bring the most popular health products to Healthplex. Robinson Pharma, Inc.(Stand No.:E07)  brought its products on anti-oxidation, reducing blood lipid and bone health. “These are the most popular products no matter in overseas and China market.” the business manager said. Robinson Pharma, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in natural supplement and capsule. Another American company—Natures Only, Inc (Stand No.:D16) has also brought a wide spectrum of products providing visitors with innovative solutions to specific health concerns.
It was the second time for the Australian well-known company—Blackmores (Stand no.:E09) to exhibit on Healthplex Expo. It has opened its E-commerce flagship shop on Tmall last year and planned to build 200 sales terminals in China this year.
It is estimated that Chinese health and nutrition market has been grown by the compound rate of 31.57% in the last three years. The market scale has exceeded 100 billion yan and will maintain a high growth in the future 5 years.

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