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FDA to add 10 new drug inspectors in China

2013-12-16   Author:信息部   Document Source:biospectrum

  In an effort to strengthen the drug regulation process FDA is said to have been trying for more than a year to add inspectors in China but failed due to governmental pressures Related Articles FDA raps Chinese clinical trials for ‘sloppy data’ WuXi facility gets SFDA certificate Beijing Drug Admin, Zimmer sign musculoskeletal MoU Indian pharma draws increased US FDA scrutiny Singapore: In an effort to eliminate the weak industry oversight, the US drug regulatory body, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to add ten new drug inspectors to its office in China.

  As per reports, in countries like China, weak oversight has allowed tainted drug ingredients into the US. After an initial debate over the allowing of new regulators in the country, China will now finally get ten more drug inspectors. They will help oversee drug and ingredient producers whose products make it into the US supply chain, reports asserted. FDA is said to have been trying for more than a year to add inspectors in the Asian country but had failed because of governmental pressures there. US Vice President Joe Biden was able to get a final commitment during a visit to Beijing last week. "It's a big request for any government to allow an increase in foreign inspectors in your country," Christopher Hickey, director of the FDA's China office was quoted as saying in a report. China's drug regulatory agency is believed to be unable to keep on top of its rapidly growing drug production industry, but Western drugmakers say it is making more of an effort.

  When drugmakers provide Chinese authorities with evidence of companies making counterfeits of their products, they will take action.

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