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Healthplex Expo 2013 opened in Shanghai INTEX

2013-04-02   Author:展览部   Document Source:cccmhpie

Healthplex Expo 2013 opened in Shanghai INTEX

    Healthplex Expo 2013,organized by CCCMHPIE and TDB of MOFCOM, was held from 21-23, March in Shanghai, gathering orver 5000 visitors and 135 exhibitors.

   Domestic big names, like TongRenTang,RongShunTang,Tasly,Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited,NEP....,together with exhibitors from overseas like Perfect, Blackmores,Robinson Pharma,HOMARt....,announced their newest prodcuts and revealed up-dated innovations  in health prodcuts.

Taiwan Pavilion brought over 32 exhibitors to Healthplex. Advanced technics unique botanic resources in Taiwan integreted with chinese trditional  health-mantentance theiry produced instinctive health products, so that attracted great interest in visitors.


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