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Vice President Liu Zhanglin Met with Representatives from British Company LAMDA

2011-03-22   Author:信息部   Document Source:CCCMHPIE

On Feb. 21, Vice President of CCCMHPIE Liu Zhanglin met with LAMDA Group President Mario Al-Jebouri, who is also founder and partner of LAMDA, Mr. Nikos Stathopoulos, CEO of LAMDA’s subsidiary ALAPIS Pharmaceutical Division, and other five representatives of the company. Mr. Al-Jebouri made a speech emphasizing on the company’s medicine production and circulation capacity in the European market. Vice President Liu expressed willingness to help further cooperation between LAMDA and Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in terms of trade and investment. The two sides will continue their negotiations over specific projects in the future.

CCCMHPIE Vice President Liu Zhanglin and President of LAMDA Group Mario Al-Jebouri talks over cooperation.

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