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2013-09-04   Author:Information Department   Document Source:CCCMHPIE

¡¡¡¡Vice President of CCCMHPIE Liu Zhanglin led a delegation to visit JAPAN KAMPO MEDICINES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (JKMA) on July 24th, where a cordial meeting was held between him and Naokazu Uchida, vice chairman of JKMA as well as relevant personnel in charge. .
¡¡¡¡During the meeting, Mr. Naokazu Uchida briefed the development of Kampo Medicines in Japan, as well as the functions and services of JKMA.
¡¡¡¡Mr. Liu introduced the delegation£¬then gave a detailed introduction regarding the history, development and status quo of Chinese medicine, as well as the legislation, education, the import and export of it. Mr. Liu also warmly invited JKMA and its member companies to participate in the HEALTHPLEX&NPC 2014, which will be held in June 2014 in Shanghai, China.
¡¡¡¡Both sides conducted in-depth exchanges in issues of production of Chinese herbs such as sustainable supply, as well as quality problems such as pesticide residues of Chinese herbs and the excess of standards in heavy metal and microorganism. Mr. Liu appreciated the efforts and contribution by JKMA in promoting China-Japan trade in Traditional Chinese Medicines. He also spoke highly of the sense of responsibility and achievements of JKMA in improving the quality of Chinese herbs. 

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