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Top 50 Medicines and Health Products Import Companies in China,2011

2012-03-13   Author:信息部   Document Source:医保商会

1. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
2. Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
3. Shanghai Sinopharm Wai Gao Qiao Co,Ltd.
4. Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
5. Yongyu (Shanghai) Medical Logistics Operations Limited
6. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
7. Hangzhou MSD Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
8. H.S. code: 1111660014
9. Hangzhou Sanofi-Aventis Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
10. Bayer HealthCare Co., Ltd.
11. Sinopharm International
12. AstraZeneca (Wuxi) Trading Co., Ltd.
13. Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
14. China MEHECO Corporation
15. Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Limited
16. Shanghai Novartis Trade Company
17. Medtronic, Inc. Shanghai
18. Degussa (China) Investment Corporation.
19. General Electric Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Limited
20. H.S. code:1111660008
21. Guangdong Zhongjian Medicine Co.Ltd.
22. Eli Lily and Company International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD
23. Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
24. Eli Lily and Company Pharmaceuticals Suzhou
25. H.S. code:1111660005
26. Chongqing Chinabase Import & Export Co., Ltd.
27. China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS)
28. CNBM Import & Export Co., Ltd.
29. H.S. code:3122267913
30. Shanghai San Kai Import and Export Corporation
31. H.S. code:4401934419
32. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company China
33. Astellas Pharma Inc. China
34. Pfizer Investment Corporation Shanghai
35. Orient International Holding Shanghai Dong Song International Trading Co., Ltd.
36. Sino-Swed Pharmaceutical Corp, Ltd. (SSPC)
37. Guidant International Trading Co., Ltd Shanghai
38. Olympus CO., Ltd. Shanghai (OSH)
39. China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Corporation (CSIMC)
40. Pioneer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
41. GlaxoSmithCline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Suzhou
42. St.Jude Medical Ltd. Shanghai
43. China Animal Husbandry Group (CAHG)
44. Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd.
45. Qingdao Mehel International Trading Co.
46. Guangdong Medicines and Health Products Imp. & Exp. Corp
47. Fresenius Kabi (Beijing) Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
48. Ningbo Condor Imp&Exp.Co.,Ltd.
49. Sinotrans DHL Bonded Warehousing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
50. Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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